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Having over 400 FULL SIZED MILKY WAYS in your house is gnarrrrrly. You realize that they are not real food and you can't eat more than 4 a day or you will quickly lose your teeth and die.

Met up with our boy Transmental again and hit up the skatepark for a chill sesh. Check out more Transmental photos here: Transmental

Met with our boys in Such Gold when they came thru to play a show during the Story So Far tour. Had to slide the good homie Devan some new UNFTNT for the road. He was hyped!

Guess who just turned 1! Happy B to your boy Pablo!

The Unfortunate crew made a little road trip to Las Vegas over the weekend. It was a cool little trip filled with a bunch of funny and random events. These trips need to happen more often.. they will.

VOLONTE! The skate video everyone has been waiting for is finally here! The premiere was last night and the whole Sacramento skate scene and its momma came thru! It was held at the Sol Collective art gallery in downtown Sac. Every trick in the video left the crowd hyped like whaaat. It was hyphy in there. We were too hyped to see everyone come out and support that video. Jerome Neal and all the skaters worked super hard filming and gettin tricks. Its definitely something you want to check out.. Volonte.bigcartel.com to swoop a copy!

Recently we met up with the man Transmental. He took us around to a few of his favorite spots downtown. Here's a few clips we got with him. Stop by Transmentalphoto.com to check out some of his other photos. He's got some sick work up there.

Bright and early. Wake up in a tent. Right out front of a Krispy Kreme. You'd probably wonder why we would camp on the streets, and in front of a Krispy Kreme. But when you're deep in the donut game like we are you'd understand. If you know Krispy Kreme, then you know that they're donuts are top notch for sure! We get there Sunday night to wait for Krispy's grand opening, which is on Tuesday morning! No biggie. First 100 people in line get free donuts for a year, so you know we gotta get there early. We ended up being second in line. Really doin it. We posted our tent up and then roamed around the block and just killed all the time in the world til Tues. The local news channel showed up and talked to me and Pablo for a bit. We had to let em know how deep in the donut game we are.

We teamed up with a skateboard brand that goes by the name of KOOK, in the Con the Kook game of skate. The Unfortunate crew mobbed out to Moraga, California and met up at the skatepark to check out the games. Our newest skater on the UNFTNT team Kagen came thru and won. That boy good. After that we had our own little best trick comp. Kids came outta nowhere goin EXTRA hamm. It was sick! We ended up having to pick 3 winners cause they all shredded too hard to pick only 1. Afterwards we went up to SF to street skate. Met some cool people at some spots and almost got in trouble at some spots. "It was a good day." 

While on a downtown mob mission we met a lady at an art show. We had a little conversation with her and then noticed a cool little magical wizard troll man on her shoulder. He was as real as you and I.

The good homie! Johnny Cupcakes. One of the greatest dudes to ever walk the earth. You thought that was Jesus?? Naw it was Johnny.

Fresh off a broken foot; aka not supposed to be skateboarding; aka get back on crutches; and already hittin bonelesses taller than the elementarys who go to this school.

Custom UNFTNT Janoski. Pablo can already smell how buttery these are.

Have you ever made it a mission to just get up and be out at 4am to get the freshest donuts on the planet. 

I guess not everyone has a recycle bin close by.. (3/18/13)

Pre Release Launch Day all nighter. We all became delusional after release day. 0 hours of sleep equals just that kids, delusions! Stay in school. Set your alarms. Go to bed early. (3/17/13) aka UNFTNTs birthday

A very necessary mob mission went down today. Long story short.. Trunks were popped, boards were grabbed, and parking garages were bombed. All in a days work. Shooting photos so we could release on a 1/7. Overall a most productive night.


Photos: @Gabelovesasians

A recent trip to Los Angeles brought our little Unfortunate member Pablo to his well deserved quick burst of insta Fame. @Pablothesphynx made a sick guest appearance into the Instagram of Lil Debbie aka @Debbiecakes420.